What's the biggest difference between your career as a Teacher and most other's?
You can Teach anywhere! Education is Universal.

What's the biggest difference between you and the entrepreneurs that seem to be working CEO hours, making a ton of money and living their best life...
Absolutely nothing!

You can chart your own path. I did it without becoming a Blogger or Influencer (because I don't know how to be either).
I stayed true to myself.

Before you can break free you need to have a consistent income, right?

Right! But there are a whole lot of other steps to take starting with asking yourself "Is this for you?" Here are THREE QUALITIES you should have or at least develop before embarking on this journey.

  • MONEY This is not for the faint of heart. Will you need to seek employment? Will you be a Travelpreneur? Do you have permanent income already in place?

  • MINDSET It's all about a state of mind. Most of us meeting here have one similarity that connects us all - we care equally or MORE about our life experiences than things.

    You've probably seen the phrase "Fill your Life with Experiences NOT Things".

    Do you relate to that statement? Good, you can have both!

  • STRATEGY It takes strategy to balance this Lifestyle but the payoffs are HUGE. You can go the Expat route, you can run a 'Work from Anywhere' business from your ideal location, you can travel freely, you can building wealth! Oh yeah, did I mention that a lot of us, are quite ambitious.

    Am I describing you?

  • What about the Kids? Have you noticed the rapid changes occurring? Here is the one thing I know for sure! As parents, we want the best for our kids. Real life experience is the best teacher and intercultural interaction provides an education sought by global employers.

    I share personal experience as a Parent and expertise as a Licensed Educator.

So it's going to get fun now...have you asked yourself if you have the three qualities described above?

Okay, so now if you still think this AMAZING LIFESTYLE is for you, let's destroy three myths.

  • Myth Buster #1

    I need a lot of money before leaving home

    A lot of money is always a good thing! But, if you don't have that in the bank account, consistent income is more important. Travelpreneur's have the flexibility of converging business and travel because they have income consistently flowing into the bank account. We will look at a few money-making options in this course.

  • Myth Buster #2

    It's unsafe to travel alone

    Newsflash - the world is full of people; you're not alone. Okay, being serious - SAFETY is always paramount. No matter where you are, you should be aware of your surroundings and do your best to be safe, even at home. As a solo-woman-travelpreneur, I don't go to desolate places and I take steps to stay safe.

    My group trips may be just right for you.

  • Myth Buster #3

    It's way too expensive to travel most of the year

    The beauty of being in control of your time is; YOU travel as much or as little as you like. It is true that a lot of us like to venture out for 2 or months at a time. Depending on your definition of expensive, it's relative. There are more countries with modest living expenses than not.

    My 2-bedroom apartment in Barcelona cost me €1,100 with utilities included and my cell phone was €15 per month.

I've invested months of RESEARCH into this. I see the influencers, photographers, bloggers, etc. all with the beautiful IG pages.

I was drooling for a CHANGE - A Lifestyle Change!

I paid out $$$ to connect with people who seemed like-minded and who had achieved this unreachable lifestyle I craved. Here is what I found! Some were FAKES, others were legitimate but were untouchable. They may have advertised 'let's have coffee and chat' but they were never available. That's when I got real DETERMINED. I WILL DO THIS IN AN AUTHENTIC WAY AND HELP OTHERS.

What my experience revealed

You can keep waiting for something to change. Or, you can realize that nothing is going to change until you change.

  • Accomplished Growth

    Nothing takes the place of financial independence. It gives you options. Combine it with travel and your personal growth is limitless.

  • Successful Entrepreneur

    A successful entrepreneur has the wind at their back fueled by purpose and drive. A Lifestyle Business supports the goals and needs of the Owner.

  • Smart Investment

    Investments along with opportunities are often found in the least likely places. The ability to increase in net worth is not border dependent.

Do you want to Move Abroad?
You need a Real Person to Teach and Show You -
I am all about this Lifestyle!

This is my "Happy Place" - Let's GO!

My life expanded in 1-year

  • Working in Barcelona

    I worked while traveling. I am 'chilling' in a Starbucks in Barcelona, working and sipping on a 'Cappuccino Freddo'. There are local coffee shops but I gravitate to Starbucks when I am not in a tourist area because the local shops may close for siesta.

  • Traveling with Teens

    Travel is a real life education. It can change how a kid see's the world and themselves in it. We decided to live in Barcelona for three months. You can do this with your kid. World Citizens Academy is my global student travel program.

  • Costa del Sol Properties

    Investments and opportunities abound. I found time for a full exploration and immersion into the real estate market of Spain; and invested in my first international property. I now have a portfolio of properties that are tailor-made for people who want to expand their Life.

I'm going to show you how to shift things in your favor

Once you have a tailor-made-strategy that works for you, you will have the keys to the kingdom. YOU will be the CEO of your Life!

  • Embrace your strengths or your 'culture add' as my mentor would say. You have permission to lounge at the beach or in a cafe all day. Or, be unstoppable and leverage your skills to make millions. Your vision + RDYL course = Freedom for you to decide.

  • Travel with Purpose because every trip becomes a write-off. As a Travelpreneur you will shift your thinking about work-life-balance.

  • Interested in being an Expat? Good! Residency matters, golden ticket possibilities and a whole lot more is discussed in great detail here.

  • You have the vision and you know you can do it, but then you need Step-by-Step Strategies, a lot of information and resources, and a #LifeCompass that embodies your uniqueness.

I was able to expand my Global Education Program for Students, World Citizens Academy

Showing Students the World is a passion of mine


  • I am interested, but where do I start?

    It doesn't cost you a thing to take the first step. Start with a FREE 20 Minute phone call with me.

  • What can I expect?

    I work with people who want to make transformative life changes, not overnight, get rich schemes. If I work with you, you can expect to delve deeper into the vision you have for your life. And, you can expect to be pushed to work hard to attain it within a time frame (because it doesn't take long to change the trajectory of your life).

  • I want and need to make a lifestyle change, but I am not sure this is for me. How do I know this will work for me?

    It will work if you will work. My original Life Planning program wasn't for everyone. It only worked for the women who worked for it. This is the Life Planning Program x10 so it is for people who want a shift in their life. Some are looking for unlimited income, unlimited opportunities, global connections, new experiences; and I address each of these. The most important traits of the people I work with are 'they are motivated and determined'. Check out the testimonial from, A. Coleman, she was in my Life Planning Program over 10 years ago; she "SHOWED UP" and worked the LPP and never looked back.

  • Is this only for women?

    No. This program attracts more women but it is open to men and women. However, when it comes to the trips, there will be some trips that are for women only (WE) or for families only (F) because their needs are different.

  • Is this a social group program?

    No, this is a Professional Coaching Program. Coaching, Business Consulting, Traveling and Tech. This is work not social hour. We are building 6-7 figure businesses, creating global connections, scaling our businesses, and more. We work hard so we can play hard.

  • Why did you include "Tech" in the previous response?

    Most expats and travelpreneurs are seeking ways to earn a flexible, passive income. There is no way to achieve that goal without using technology. There is no way to maintain connections without the use of technology. If you are thinking about working online, starting an online business, you are using Tech. There is no way to avoid technology and, therefore, I would be negligent not to consult on technology to keep my clients up to date.

A little bit about me,

I've done the work, I have the qualifications

Arnitha Webb

MsTravelpreneur and Master Instructor

I am glad we are meeting.

I don't call myself a "GURU" or even a "COACH". Other people have called me a "COACH" and sometimes I'm flattered but most times I cringe. The fact is, I am an Educator with two degrees that span the life cycle so that covers K12 and Adults. Sprinkle certifications in various learning styles, learning disabilities and career transition training and one might call me a bonafide 'Coach'. I have more than a decade of experience as a Corporate in-house trainer, have even more experience as a Business Consultant . I share what I know when I know what I'm talking about.

These experiences have garnered an intimate relationship with failures and successes. Ask me about building a company from scratch to 6-figures | Ask me about certifying your business for government agency contracting | Ask me about strategizing an exit plan | I've done all of this. But what I am most proud of is I finally carved out the Lifestyle I was truly born for; I live a full life now! Meeting new people, having new experiences, seeing things I've never seen and not being broke.

I am a life-learner so I am always learning. That is why you will an option for LIFETIME ACCESS to the most programs I develop. To be successful, you will have to stay informed and you will want to GROW to the point that satisfies your goals.

I am here to I help you find the places in the world where you can thrive!

Are you ready to get started? I look forward to connecting with you!

An Impactful Letter/Testimonial

Those were the first words Ms. Webb said to me when I joined her Life Planning Program in 2004; I was living in a Shelter. Being in this program really changed my life. She taught me that anything is possible once you put your mind to it. From credit repair to money management, anything that had to do with life and getting out of the shelter. I never missed one day of this program because I was excited to learn something new everyday. Being in her program gave me HOPE because there were times I didn’t think I’d get out. She taught me to set a 5 yr and a 10 yr goal. I went from being in the shelter 3 years 9 months to moving into New York City Housing vowing to never look back at FLATLANDS FAMILY RESIDENTS . I’ve learned to try to have more than once source of income. I took everything I learned from her and kept moving. I am now a home-owner and a business- owner. I can look back now and say Thank You." I never thought this can be my life .. but you are right "anything is possible".

What I learned from you I passed onto others. Thank you Ms. Webb for everything."”

April S. Coleman

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